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2016 Sculpted Sports Tourer Motorbike, Review, Features

2016 Sculpted Sports Tourer Motorbike, Review, Features.This particular motorcycle is equipped with a 1237-V4 engine, which is capable of producing 170 horsepower at 10,000 revolutions per minute and 129 Nm torque. The bike also features a series of special equipment in the form of lowered handlebars, lightweight wheels and high-tech instrumentation support. However, the stand-out feature of this sport touring …

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2016 Vololights Connected Motorbike Light, Review

2016 Vololights Connected Motorbike Light, Review.The show BRAKE if the driver brakes more awareness to help bring the movements and the speed of the motorcycle near Reiter. In addition, the brake lights connect on the wheel without the need for wires, the lights so that the existing mechanism to work by bike in combination. The Connected motorcycle brake lights function …

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2016 Lectro Affordable Electric Bike, Review

2016 Lectro Affordable Electric Bike, Review.In an attempt to reach a solution to the common conception that electric bikes are both unattractive and expensive, designed creator Jeff Morin discount e-bike. Unlike most other e-bikes on the market, the Lectro will be under $ 1,000. The bike will have a 750W engine, which supports the driver and also 20 miles can …

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Airbus’ ‘Light Rider’ 3D-Printed E-Motorbike, Review

Airbus’ ‘Light Rider’ 3D-Printed E-Motorbike, Review.The e-bike weighs only 77 pounds, making it about 30% lighter than most electric motorcycles on the market. Part of what contributes to the lightweight design of the bike is its airy frame construction, which could not have been created with conventional production technologies such as milling or welding. As a giant in the aviation …

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Data-Analyzing Smart Bike, Review, Features

Data-Analyzing Smart Bike, Review, Features.The trendy bike is intended for people who are more likely to select transport methods that are not as environmentally friendly.The Smartbike “intelligent real-time data” built into the frame, which can the driver to control and analyze aspects of their journey, such as speed , Highway, traffic, efficiency and balance. The bicycle also measures the heart …

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Tech-Augmented Turbo FLR E-Bike, Review

Tech-Augmented Turbo FLR E-Bike, Review.The Turbo-FLR is a high-tech yet affordable e-bike, which features a series of intelligent technologies and engineering upgrades, the safer riding, faster and more fun. The Turbo-FLR e-bike is driven by a special motor that you smooth yet powerful acceleration, ideal allowed to access when you take things to want a notch on long journeys. While …

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